Princess Dora

Princess Dora Cake

It was that time of the year again. Yep Little M’s birthday. Being one of the most indecisive people in the household at least, I left it all to the little girl to decide what character she wanted this year. She decided on Dora and Boots. Easy enough except, there are tons of birthday cake ideas out there for Dora and Boots.

I have a new baby this year so I wanted it easy. Easiest would have been not to bake and buy a beautifully decorated Dora cake and pay a good sum of money for it and feel guilty afterwards that I did not do it for her this year. Remember, this all started because of her 1st birthday.

Anyways, I went to the cake shop to buy an undecorated white mud. Normally they only require 2 days notice BUT it just happens that this year, around little girl’s birthday we had lots of rain and flood in some parts. The baker for this particular cake shop was flooded in.

So I got depressed and resigned to the fact that I may just have to bake but then decided to call the Cheesecake Shop, Browns Plains. The girl said she would need to see when their cakes are baked and call back. Good news was that I could pick up a white mud cake covered in white chocolate ganache on Friday morning. That was perfect, I would not have to seal the crumbs then.

So we brought the cake home, I rolled out the purple fondant (pre-made this time that I purchased from Spotlight) and made green grass. The Dora princess was a Deco set made by Deco Pac. It is a discontinued item now but I was able to get it from Princess Dora needs a pony (or maybe 4 for a 4th birthday). I suppose I was lucky enough to sight this pack of horse candle holders in pink and purple, Little M’s favourite colours, at Spotlight as well. Birthday girl could not wait to cut the cake.

Time of reckoning. We sang happy birthday, blew the candles and cut the cake – lo and behold the thing was uncooked in the center. How can the top cook and the rest remain uncooked?

Undercooked cake

I emailed Cheesecake Shop and after a while received a reply from the manager there. Was asked to describe what I meant by RAW cake and promised a voucher on my door step by Friday that week. It arrived 2 weeks later.

Lesson learnt, I shall bake my own cakes now. At least little girl was happy with her cupcakes to take to childcare but that is another post.



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