Birthday Cupcake

Birthday Cupcake

Last year, we sent cupcakes to childcare for Little M’s birthday. She has been asking all year when her birthday is coming again. Last year, I baked a simple cupcake, smeared green frosting with hearts and off it went. This year she put in an order for pink cupcakes.

I spent some time searching for cupcake recipes/ decorating ideas and came across more specifically her Sweet Cherry Chip Cupcake

I had to make a few changes to the recipe, not that it wasn’t good but more because of unavailability of American ingredients in Australia.

So the main changes were substituting cherry extract with strawberry extract and cherry chips with mini chocolate chips. I have seen cherry extract here but when husband went shopping, the shop didn’t have it so strawberry it was. We do not have cherry chips. I went to the candy store that stocks American sweets and even they didn’t have it.

I also followed the printable version which does not have lemon zest so I did not have it either.

The recipe says put 3 tablespoon batter in each cup. Mine would have overflowed so I put 46g of batter in each cup. Next time I should increase it to maybe 50 – 52g.

Baked cupcakes

For frosting, I used that’s the best frosting I’ve ever had

It tasted good and fluffy but flour kind of made it feel a bit heavy or maybe it was in my mind. I added purple gel to it. I did not want it to be overly purple so added just a little bit. To me it looked more grey than purple.

Added a few sprinkles of shapes and topped it off with a cherry. For the children, we sent fresh pitted cherry for the staff to put on before serving.


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