St Patrick’s Polka Dot Cake

Polka Dot Cake

Brisbane Kids posted a picture of a polka dot cake in their usual Facebook post one day and that sent me hunting for the recipe. I found the original post at Once Upon a Pedestal. Deborah has a lot of hidden surprise cakes. I like the butterfly one but not willing to put in the effort with a 4 month baby and a pre-schooler around.

I did, however, want to try the polka dot cake so I bought the cake pop tin. I had been eyeing it for a while anyways. St Patrick’s Day was around the corner, so even though we are not Irish, not even close to it, I decided to make green polka dot cake.

One of my mistakes was that I should have made more batter. I used my usual butter cake mix from I took some of the mixture and added green gel to it, put the green batter in the cake pop tin and baked it. I thought 15 minutes (quarter of the full cake baking time) on the timer will half bake the pops but they were fully baked and a bit brown. Deborah suggests greasing the tin and realized it’s a good tip after I baked a set of pops for another project a few weeks later. The grease makes them come out easily.

I did not have enough cake batter left to make a round cake, nor did I have smaller cake pans like Deborah’s so I used a tube cake pan instead. I ended up with just one round of pops in.

Once the cake cooled down, I decorated it with Betty Crocker’s white frosting and we were ready for our St Patrick’s polka dot cake. Little M was excited to see the dot in the cake.

Frosted Cake

A couple of days later, I captured this evil fly in my kitchen. He was tasty.

Evil Fly


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