My husband downloaded an App called Hello Cupcake. He thought it had recipes for cupcakes but it does not. Instead it shows how to creatively decorate cupcakes. Little M loves to watch the videos of the cupcakes being decorated and kept saying “I wish one day we would make one of these”. Now, we like to tinker around the kitchen but those cupcakes look a bit beyond our ability. Still, daughter wished so Daddy decided to make them. Hardest part is that Hello Cupcake is from USA and we are in Australia. The ingredients that Karen and Alan work with are not available here so we have to substitute a lot of ingredients.

The cupcakes are all made with cake mix with an extra egg and buttermilk I think. We don’t use cake mix. So the first change we decided to make was use our normal cupcake recipe but add that extra egg. I was afraid the baked cake is going to smell too much of egg but it was all good. We recently bought cake pop maker so we made about 11 cake pops and 11 cupcakes.

We had leftover Betty Crocker’s white frosting so husband heated that in the microwave to make it thin (a tip from hello cupcake). We scooped out a little bit of the top of the cupcake so the cake pop would sit on it nicely. We used melted chocolate as glue to hold the cake pop to the cupcake (a tip from hello cupcake). The entire thing went into the fridge for the chocolate to set a bit.


Once the chocolate set, we took out each cupcake and dipped it in the thin white frosting to coat the top and the bottom cake. Now the frosting was a bit too runny just so we could have that nice coating so we put the cake back in the fridge for it to set just a little bit. We cut up some jelly lollies to form the nose and milk bottle lollies for hands, mini chocolate buttons for eyes and because they looked so bereft without it, halved pink marshmallows for Berets.

They weren’t picture perfect but my little girl was happy. Her wish came true and she helped decorate them.