Baptism Dress

We decided to get baby G baptised. Her sister was baptised at 5 weeks of age and had a beautiful dress and pant suit given to us by my cousin and his wife. Baby G was 5 months old when she was baptised and Little M’s suit would not fit her. She has also grown much faster than her sister did.
So I decided I was going to sew a dress for baptism. I did not want to spend a lot of money buying a pattern then cutting it out so I scoured the Internet for patterns. I came across Make It Love It blog. The idea was to take an existing dress and trace the pattern from it. So I took a dress of baby G’s that she wore one Sunday to church and I loved it and traced the pattern on a paper.

Pattern Ready for Cutting

Pattern Ready for Cutting

The bodice is one piece from shoulder to hem and has no sleeves but had collar. I hate collars. I could not get the size right in school. Thankfully I had my Mom to help me. Yay for technology, instant help all the way from Upstate New York to Brisbane. I messaged her a picture and she told me what adjustments to make.

The dress was straight forward but I decided I want to do embroidery as well. I had not embroidered in 23 years. Mom had brought some works of generations of women in our family who had embroidered and nothing can go more heirloom than embroidery right? After once again looking at christening and baptism embroidery on the Internet I decided, since the dress is non traditionally cream, why not do a non traditional embroidery too. My husband and I love Sakura or Japanese cherry blossoms.

Embroidery Design Drawing Board

Embroidery Design Drawing Board

The anime really makes them look beautiful so I decided to embroider different stages of cherry blossoms on the dress. The collar has one on each side.

Embroidery Detail

Embroidery Detail

I lined the dress with matching cotton so the edges and the embroidery won’t chafe my baby.

Complete Costume

Complete Costume

I added a pair of bloomers to the dress with the leftover material. And of course you have to have a pair of booties so I made felt ones. Pattern was from Hello my name is Heather.

Bitty Booties

Bitty Booties


Easter Egg Leftover Mousse Pie

Whoever has heard of leftover chocolate Easter eggs?
Brisbane Kids had tips of what to do with Easter eggs on their Facebook page and one of them was a link to leftover Easter egg chocolate mousse pie

I had to try it. So I raided the fridge for husband’s Easter rabbits. Yes, we had our chocolates in the fridge because it was hot. They would have melted. My husband was initially very upset about losing 8 ounces (about 227 grams) of his chocolate but after he ate the pie, he went and bought more rabbits from Target during their post Easter mark down. They were being sold for a $1 AUD.

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

The base is Arnott’s Malt o’ Milk biscuits. I skipped on the extra cream on top and it tasted delicious. My husband had put in one tiny caramel filled chocolate as well. I like to believe it changed the flavour a bit. As Kitchen magpie said in her post, having cream instead of egg whites did seem a bit easier.

Sliced Mousse

Sliced Mousse

A few weeks later, we made a batch for his work mates as well.

Beaded Loom Knitted Hat

I got this idea from Provo Craft

The pattern calls for the red knifty knitter loom which apparently is for babies. I was knitting this for my 4 yr old. I used all in one loom

Beaded Hat Beginning

I made about 6 rows and took it off to measure my daughter’s head. I used Moda Vera Biscay which is made exclusively for Spotlight

It’s 70% Alpaca and 30% acrylic. It didn’t say on the packaging what weight the yarn is. Lucky for me, an older lady was in the aisles looking at yarns as well and she said to go by the tension rather than ply. The beads (I used pink and purple) were a bit on the small side and a pain to bead through. The yarn kept breaking off but I did not want to go and buy bigger beads.

The finished product was very soft and my little girl loved it so much that she wore it in summer. It’s a pity the beads can hardly be seen because of their size.

Finished Hat

Pineapple Tarts and Almond Cookies

The first time I visited Singapore with my then fiance to meet his family, it was Christmas season. I stayed there a month and left shortly before Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is celebrated with a big bang in the Asian community and Singapore being majority Chinese is no exception. I’m told celebrations last 15 days with New Year’s eve focusing on family. The celebration style is very different from our own Gregorian calendar New Year.
My mother-in-law loves to cook and her speciality is Nonya cooking.  That visit, I was introduced to pineapple tarts and almond cookies. Since then I have only eaten Bengawan Solo tarts. My mother-in-law can’t make and bring them due to Australia’s strict quarantine laws so commercially produced ones have to do.
This year I decided to make some myself. I must have been crazy but it was Chinese new year and I was home. My husband and I made pineapple tarts which we sparingly ate and almond cookies. The pineapple tart recipe was from
I added sugar to my taste rather than what the recipe said also to keep the mixture from drying out too much, I added the squeezed out juice back to the pan from time to time.
Pineapple Tarts
They did not look as good as the ones I first tasted but THEY ARE PINEAPPLE TARTS… I can’t complain.
The almond cookies recipe is from my mother-in-law. i had written down the ingredients and quantity she used and then had come home and tried it straight away. 200 tiny balls of these cookies all by myself all those years ago took forever. This time I had my husband to help. They did not last long. The container was empty within the week.
Tub of Almond Cookies

Bushy Rabbit Tail

With Easter coming, I had to wreck my brains again of entertaining little M at home. It gets tiring for all 3 of us to go the shops all the time.

This time our project was floppy bunny ears and bushy tails. I printed off the template for the ears then traced them onto colored card the day before and cut the pieces out all ready to assemble for little M.

Floppy Ears


My original idea was for all of us to have a bushy tail but it took a lot longer for me to make 1 tail so the idea was scrapped much to Daddy’s delight. He was not looking forward to hopping around with a tail.

I cut out a disc from a card then cut out a smaller disc from the center. Then I started wrapping yarn around it 3 times. A website I had visited had suggested cutting one side of the disc from the center to make the wrapping easier. It did, then I stuck it together and wrapped yarn over it in the end.

Beginning of a tail


I took a scissors and cut the yarn on the outer edge. They don’t fall off. Once all was cut, I took a piece of yarn and tied it around the center and pulled the card off gently. I needed to trim the tail to make it even but I forgot.





I had decided on pink and purple, little M’s favourite colors. Any size yarn can be used but the thicker it is, the faster it will be.

When I was a little girl, my cousin taught me to make a parrot like this. So just make 2 red pom poms, one smaller than the other and tie them together in the middle. I did not decorate it any further but it can be with any craft material to give it a beak, eyes and wings.


Dragon Scale Scarf

The original pattern for this is at

I made this for my Mom. The only problem is that by the time she gets it, it will be summer over in Upstate New York.

Half Done Scarf


I made this with Patons Dreamtime 8 Ply – Sweet Pink yarn with 4mm needles. It’s 48 stitches wide and about 1 and half meters or 60 inches long not including the tassels.

It took a long while to do it since I started this after the baby was born and she is not a good sleeper. Also, prior to this, my knitting experience was just 2 baby hats a few weeks before the baby was born so I’m very inexperienced and slow. I got there eventually after using husband as model to get the length numerous times. It shrank a bit and became a lot softer after washing in wool conditioner. After 2 months of procrastinating, I have eventually posted it to my Mom for Mother’s Day and guess what? It IS warmer in Upstate New york now.

Complete Scarf