Bushy Rabbit Tail

With Easter coming, I had to wreck my brains again of entertaining little M at home. It gets tiring for all 3 of us to go the shops all the time.

This time our project was floppy bunny ears and bushy tails. I printed off the template for the ears then traced them onto colored card the day before and cut the pieces out all ready to assemble for little M.

Floppy Ears


My original idea was for all of us to have a bushy tail but it took a lot longer for me to make 1 tail so the idea was scrapped much to Daddy’s delight. He was not looking forward to hopping around with a tail.

I cut out a disc from a card then cut out a smaller disc from the center. Then I started wrapping yarn around it 3 times. A website I had visited had suggested cutting one side of the disc from the center to make the wrapping easier. It did, then I stuck it together and wrapped yarn over it in the end.

Beginning of a tail


I took a scissors and cut the yarn on the outer edge. They don’t fall off. Once all was cut, I took a piece of yarn and tied it around the center and pulled the card off gently. I needed to trim the tail to make it even but I forgot.





I had decided on pink and purple, little M’s favourite colors. Any size yarn can be used but the thicker it is, the faster it will be.

When I was a little girl, my cousin taught me to make a parrot like this. So just make 2 red pom poms, one smaller than the other and tie them together in the middle. I did not decorate it any further but it can be with any craft material to give it a beak, eyes and wings.



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