Dragon Scale Scarf

The original pattern for this is at http://hollyklein.blogspot.com.au/2009/09/dragon-scale-keyhole-scarf-free-pattern.html

I made this for my Mom. The only problem is that by the time she gets it, it will be summer over in Upstate New York.

Half Done Scarf


I made this with Patons Dreamtime 8 Ply – Sweet Pink yarn with 4mm needles. It’s 48 stitches wide and about 1 and half meters or 60 inches long not including the tassels.

It took a long while to do it since I started this after the baby was born and she is not a good sleeper. Also, prior to this, my knitting experience was just 2 baby hats a few weeks before the baby was born so I’m very inexperienced and slow. I got there eventually after using husband as model to get the length numerous times. It shrank a bit and became a lot softer after washing in wool conditioner. After 2 months of procrastinating, I have eventually posted it to my Mom for Mother’s Day and guess what? It IS warmer in Upstate New york now.

Complete Scarf


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