Pineapple Tarts and Almond Cookies

The first time I visited Singapore with my then fiance to meet his family, it was Christmas season. I stayed there a month and left shortly before Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is celebrated with a big bang in the Asian community and Singapore being majority Chinese is no exception. I’m told celebrations last 15 days with New Year’s eve focusing on family. The celebration style is very different from our own Gregorian calendar New Year.
My mother-in-law loves to cook and her speciality is Nonya cooking.  That visit, I was introduced to pineapple tarts and almond cookies. Since then I have only eaten Bengawan Solo tarts. My mother-in-law can’t make and bring them due to Australia’s strict quarantine laws so commercially produced ones have to do.
This year I decided to make some myself. I must have been crazy but it was Chinese new year and I was home. My husband and I made pineapple tarts which we sparingly ate and almond cookies. The pineapple tart recipe was from
I added sugar to my taste rather than what the recipe said also to keep the mixture from drying out too much, I added the squeezed out juice back to the pan from time to time.
Pineapple Tarts
They did not look as good as the ones I first tasted but THEY ARE PINEAPPLE TARTS… I can’t complain.
The almond cookies recipe is from my mother-in-law. i had written down the ingredients and quantity she used and then had come home and tried it straight away. 200 tiny balls of these cookies all by myself all those years ago took forever. This time I had my husband to help. They did not last long. The container was empty within the week.
Tub of Almond Cookies

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