Beaded Loom Knitted Hat

I got this idea from Provo Craft

The pattern calls for the red knifty knitter loom which apparently is for babies. I was knitting this for my 4 yr old. I used all in one loom

Beaded Hat Beginning

I made about 6 rows and took it off to measure my daughter’s head. I used Moda Vera Biscay which is made exclusively for Spotlight

It’s 70% Alpaca and 30% acrylic. It didn’t say on the packaging what weight the yarn is. Lucky for me, an older lady was in the aisles looking at yarns as well and she said to go by the tension rather than ply. The beads (I used pink and purple) were a bit on the small side and a pain to bead through. The yarn kept breaking off but I did not want to go and buy bigger beads.

The finished product was very soft and my little girl loved it so much that she wore it in summer. It’s a pity the beads can hardly be seen because of their size.

Finished Hat


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