Easter Egg Leftover Mousse Pie

Whoever has heard of leftover chocolate Easter eggs?
Brisbane Kids had tips of what to do with Easter eggs on their Facebook page and one of them was a link to leftover Easter egg chocolate mousse pie

I had to try it. So I raided the fridge for husband’s Easter rabbits. Yes, we had our chocolates in the fridge because it was hot. They would have melted. My husband was initially very upset about losing 8 ounces (about 227 grams) of his chocolate but after he ate the pie, he went and bought more rabbits from Target during their post Easter mark down. They were being sold for a $1 AUD.

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

The base is Arnott’s Malt o’ Milk biscuits. I skipped on the extra cream on top and it tasted delicious. My husband had put in one tiny caramel filled chocolate as well. I like to believe it changed the flavour a bit. As Kitchen magpie said in her post, having cream instead of egg whites did seem a bit easier.

Sliced Mousse

Sliced Mousse

A few weeks later, we made a batch for his work mates as well.


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