Cotton Candy Knitted Hat

Beginning Of Baby Hat

Beginning Of Baby Hat

I had leftover cream coloured Alpaca/Acrylic yarn from Little M’s hat so I decided to make one for Baby G as well and Daddy has put in an order too so I will be busy on the loom for a little while.
While at the yarn shop, I got Little M to choose a colour for baby. She picked pink. It’s Bella Baby Bambini yarn, 50/50 Nylon/Acrylic and thinner and stiffer than the Alpaca/Acrylic.
I had no idea what design I wanted and none of the patterns online for looming was taking my fancy so I just started anyway.
I e wrapped both the pink and cream together on each peg. For the brim I used Knifty Knitter idea, 21 rows then pull up.
For the body, I did 2 knit, 2 purl until it was about an inch and half less than the length I wanted then I finished off with e wrap and gathered the top to close. I added a pom pom on top to finish the look. it’s hot pink like the above photo and not peach like the one below. The addition of the pink yarn has given this hat a more stiffer shape than the one beaded hat I made for Little M. It is still soft enough for a baby. Though, I may not use Moda Vera Alpaca yarn again. All our black clothes are covered with Alpaca hair as if we have been cuddling a cat.

Cotton Candy Baby Hat

Cotton Candy Baby Hat


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