Grandmother’s Flower Garden

This is not one of mine. My Mom gave it to me in 2010. These were part of the sewing kit she received when her Grandmother passed away. It’s called Grandmother’s Flower Garden.
There is a bit of history at Womenfolk



These two pieces were made by Ann, also known as Angie by the family. Ann is my Mom’s Great great grand mother so that makes her my Great great great grand  mother. lot’s of great 🙂 Ann was born in 1862. Assuming she made these after she turned 20 and passed away after 1940 (census record for 1940 shows her still living with her daughter’s daughter at a ripe old age of 78), these pieces can be anywhere between 70 – 130 years old. Considering there was a boom in these quilts during the Great Depression (Refer to article by Womenfolk) in 1930’s, I would assume it is less than 100 years old and probably done by hand by Angie when she may have been about 70. She lost her husband before she turned 58.


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