Battenburg Birthday Cake


I’m usually the one baking cakes for the family while my husband is more cookies and muffins kind of guy. My last birthday, however, he decided he wanted to bake for me.

My Mom had posted us a cake book called A World of Cake. The book has many different types of cakes but the one that took my fancy was Battenburg cake.
It’s an English cake. Apparently it’s so popular in England that it’s produced commercially now. A search on Google images shows pictures with a lot of creativity but I just wanted something simple.

My husband baked 2 cakes, a chocolate and a vanilla but he is not so soft fingered so he passed the decoration to me. The hardest part was to cut the strips to matching sizes. We ended up with half the cake as “waste”. Delicious “waste” though which we had for breakfast.

Once cut, I put jam on each strip to stick them to each other and assembled my block. Husband had bought white fondant from the supermarket which I rolled out and wrapped the block. I had read on some blog to run the back of a knife diagonally to get the diamond look. I finished the decoration with edible metallic balls.


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