White Forest Cake

White Forest Cross Section

White Forest Cross Section

I like to bake my family their birthday cakes. I also like to try new ideas. So it was my husband’s birthday and he loves Black Forest cake.

Traditional Black Forest cakes are made of Chocolate Génoise cake layers soaked in Kirsch with cherries and cream filling.

My problem was that our 4 yr old daughter was going to eat it so Kirsch had to be out. I’m breastfeeding and baby G is not a happy baby when I eat chocolate so chocolate was out as well. I still wanted to make the cake so I decided I will make White Forest cake instead. i could not find a recipe for the cake itself so I decided to try White Chocolate Génoise cake. I found a few forums who talked about it.

In a brown chocolate Génoise cake, the chocolate is cocoa powder but in the white one, the chocolate is real chocolate. Génoise cake has whole eggs as a leavening agent so I find it a bit delicate than a normal sponge cake. I decided to make a vanilla Génoise cake and use the chocolate in the frosting instead.

Vanilla Genoise Cake

Vanilla Génoise Cake

My recipe for Génoise cake was from 1997 edition of Joy of Cooking. For the syrup to soak the cake, I used cherries. The frosting and the filling is classic Buttercream from the Joy of Cooking as well. I made a batch of it and when I wanted to frost the cake, I added some melted white chocolate to the buttercream frosting. The Joy of Cooking has the recipe to make brown chocolate buttercream, I substituted brown to white.

White Forest Top

White Forest Top

Things to take note of:

  1. The recipe called for clarified butter. Ghee IS clarified butter but it’s cooked a bit more to get the nutty flavour. I used ghee and either my ghee had gone off or it just does not taste good, I wouldn’t know but never again will I make Génoise cake with ghee. Supermarket sell clarified butter else, the Joy of Cooking has recipe to make it, I would follow that.
  2. I cooked my syrup a bit too thick. It was too difficult for it to soak into the cake. Next time, I will keep it a bit runny.
  3. Cherries may work for brown chocolate cakes but not so much for a white chocolate cake. This cake would have looked better with a red fruit, maybe raspberries or strawberries.

Rocket Ship

We have lot’s of toilet paper rolls as would other house holds with children who sit and unravel toilet paper. I have seen craft done with these toilet paper rolls that look very nice. Pen/pencil caddy for one is very common. So one afternoon while Daddy was busy looking after baby G, I had a bit of a craft session with Little M. Baby G is a demanding, needy little baby and I find I have very little time to do these things with Little M so craft time together is always special and cherished.

To begin with, I gave Little M and roll to decorate/ colour however she wants. She has these pens, the felt tip ones that were called texta when my nephews were little. Hers are in the shape of paint brush tip which is easier for her to colour with and the tip does not go back into the pen when she stabs the paper.

So while she was doing that, i was making the thrusters for the rocket ship. She chose pink thrusters.

Cut a strip of craft card paper. I cut one that was 5cm wide but it can be any width.



Next comes the folding bit. So take one corner and fold on itself until it’s flush against the other edge. (like above). Then fold the bottom edge up so the right edge is straight across the bottom of the triangle that was formed by the first fold. (picture below).

Folding paper demo

Folding Paper

From then onwards, just keep folding the paper on itself. They form diagonal folds.



Once the entire length of the strip is folded, cut out the parallelogram pieces. They look like a rectangle with slanty sides. You’ll need 3 of those pieces. Take 2 pieces and tape them together on those slanty sides so they form the letter V. (look at the finished picture below.) Fold them close on the joint. Take the 3rd piece and stick the slanty edge to the folded piece joint. Once done, there will be a pointy center and 3 legs.

Cut 3 slits on one end of the toilet paper roll, evenly spaced and slot each “leg” into the slit. Give the rocket ship a cone head and it’s ready to



Flurry Scarf

On the loom

On the loom

I had bought 4 rolls of these yarn that Spotlight is currently selling as Moda Vera Flurry, about 6 years ago. I think they may have been sold as Patons Feathers then.

At the time, flurry scarf was all the rage but I did not want to buy one, I wanted to make one myself. I started knitting and after doing maybe 10cm (approximately 4 inches) I put it aside. It was taking me forever so I bought bigger needles and started again. Over the years I started the scarf 4 times but never finished it.

This year when I started knitting again, Little M saw the flurry yarn and asked for a scarf. I started on the knitting loom and used the ewrap all the way. I think it is 20 pegs wide and when finished, folds on itself from the sides to give it a narrower look. When I finished it, it was about 97cm (about 38 inches) long. Little M has been pulling and stretching it and it is now 137cm (about 54 inches) long.

Finished Scarf

Finished Scarf

Material Details:

Patons Feathers 100% Polyester.

Weight: 50g

length: 63m

Needle: 4.00mm

Stitches: 22 stitches, 30 rows over 10 x 10cm

To knit this scarf:


1 knitting loom with at least 20 pegs.

2 and half rolls of Patons Feather/ Moda Vera Flurry Yarn (about 158m / 172yards)


Cast on 20 pegs.

Row 1: 1st peg, just bring the working yarn to the front, ewrap the remaining 19 pegs. Knit off all pegs.

Repeat Row 1 until desired length is reached bearing in mind that the scarf will stretch when pulled after it’s finished.