Flurry Scarf

On the loom

On the loom

I had bought 4 rolls of these yarn that Spotlight is currently selling as Moda Vera Flurry, about 6 years ago. I think they may have been sold as Patons Feathers then.

At the time, flurry scarf was all the rage but I did not want to buy one, I wanted to make one myself. I started knitting and after doing maybe 10cm (approximately 4 inches) I put it aside. It was taking me forever so I bought bigger needles and started again. Over the years I started the scarf 4 times but never finished it.

This year when I started knitting again, Little M saw the flurry yarn and asked for a scarf. I started on the knitting loom and used the ewrap all the way. I think it is 20 pegs wide and when finished, folds on itself from the sides to give it a narrower look. When I finished it, it was about 97cm (about 38 inches) long. Little M has been pulling and stretching it and it is now 137cm (about 54 inches) long.

Finished Scarf

Finished Scarf

Material Details:

Patons Feathers 100% Polyester.

Weight: 50g

length: 63m

Needle: 4.00mm

Stitches: 22 stitches, 30 rows over 10 x 10cm

To knit this scarf:


1 knitting loom with at least 20 pegs.

2 and half rolls of Patons Feather/ Moda Vera Flurry Yarn (about 158m / 172yards)


Cast on 20 pegs.

Row 1: 1st peg, just bring the working yarn to the front, ewrap the remaining 19 pegs. Knit off all pegs.

Repeat Row 1 until desired length is reached bearing in mind that the scarf will stretch when pulled after it’s finished.



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