Marshmallow Fondant Bears

Graduation Bear

Graduation Bear

My nephew graduated in July with a Bachelors in Psychological Science. How time flies. I still remember his parents calling us and saying they had a boy and want a name starting with A. I was 12 years old and totally over the moon about being Aunt.

My idea was to bake a cake and put a graduation bear topper. I ran out of time so I didn’t bake the cake. I bought one but I made the bear.

Cake Trails has a very easy tutorial.


Graduation Bear, Different angles

Graduation Bear, Different angles

I used marshmallow fondant. Nicer tasting than normal fondant but I reckon a bit harder to work with because it’s softer.
The teddy bear was easy, his gown not so. My nephew’s University has one colour sash for all undergraduates which was easy unlike my university where the sash colour is dependant on the faculty you belong to.
Being that marshmallow fondant is softer I had to make individual pieces of the gown and let it dry out a bit. The cape and sleeves were fine as they got their natural cloth like drape but the hat took a while.

The bear has a shine because I used oil/ shortening to grease my hands and prevent the fondant from sticking to my hands.

My little M liked the graduation bear and wanted one too so I made her a love bear. Her purple outfit is made from fondant we bought for the Dora birthday cake in February.

Love Bear

Love Bear


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