Nerds Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

I had been seeing a lot of these rainbow cakes and wanted to try it.

So here is my attempt, Nerds Rainbow Cake.

The cake mixture is my white chocolate mud cake. If I would have to bake it again, I would use a lighter cake, like a sponge maybe. Mud cake is heavy and if there are so many layers of cake, then you’d need something lighter. I did try to make each layer thinner as I did not want a very high cake. Rainbow does have 7 colours but I don’t know how to make indigo.

Cake Slice

Cake Slice

I think I made triple the batch that I usually make, then used a weighing machine to divide the mixture in 6 bowls And added icing gel to the bowls. I then used my Wilton checker board kit pans (there are 3 x 9″ pans in the kit) to bake the cakes.

The frosting is classic butter cream that was left over from the white forest cake in July.

My husband had bought a pack of mix nerds which my daughter and I separated into individuals colours before putting them on the cake.

Half of this went with us to church the next day.

Nerds Decoration

Nerds Decoration


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