Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

So Little M turned 5 this year and had been asking for a princess cake since her last birthday. After her Dora cake disaster (cake was bought raw in the center), I was not going to buy the cake.
She picked Little Mermaid as her princess and decided she wanted “under the sea” version.


I wasn’t feeling confident enough to make the figurines so they are plastic toys made by Mattel.

I did, however make the coral, leaves and flowers. The cake itself is my usual butter cake. It is easy and, so far, not failed me.
The sea was supposed to be blue but I wanted it a darker colour where sea witch Ursula is. Similar to skinner blend method in polymer clay. I must not have watched enough YouTube because my fondant became too narrow to use on the whole cake. I was running out of fondant so I just mixed both blue together and got this greyish looking blue. Which looks alright I suppose.

For the decorations, I used Sugar Creations work as an inspiration. I used the back of chopsticks to make those flat pink corals and folded purple ones on the front tip of the chopsticks. For the yellow cheese like ones, I had seen a video where a lady made coral rock. She used drinking straw to make the holes then use a bunch of toothpicks tied together to stamp all over it to give it texture.



The decorations were made a few weeks in advance. Made with marshmallow fondant, they weren’t stiff and just perfect for the kids to pick those first and eat them.

Even before the candle was lit, the kids attacked the cake.



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