Garfield Birthday Cake

This year, I asked my husband to choose what he would like for his birthday. He wanted a cat cake. Later he told me, he thought I was just going to get the cat cake from the Japanese bakeries around here. I, instead, had decided it was going to be a Garfield cake. His request also was no fondant.

The hardest thing was deciding how I will make a 3D garfield.
There is no shortage of cake pans on EBay but I did not want to buy a pan and not use it again. I have a bit of a storage issue.
After searching for days, I found a website that gives carving instructions but it’s in Korean. I was lucky, it has step by step pictures.
I had decided in the beginning that the cake will be Jaffa. Orange flavoured chocolate cake. Initially I wanted the inside to be chocolate and the buttercream to be orange but birthday boy did not like that idea. I started searching and found a very delicious Jaffa marble buttercake. Oh that marbling.

I made double the recipe to get 2 x 9″ square cakes. Somewhere, on the internet, I had read, it is easier to carve a cake if it has been cooled in the fridge. There is less crumbs as well.

The cake was covered in white chocolate ganache which I tinted orange. The ratio I used was 3:1 so by weight 1290g white chocolate to 430g thickened cream. (Not millilitres but grams)
Here are pictures from 2 square cakes to a Garfield cake.

2 square cakes with just a touch of ganache to keep them together.

The template was made using 2 circles joined by a curve on either side. I placed the template diagonally so I could use the tips on either ends as ears. The cutoff sides came in handy making the front paws and the tail.

I carved the hind legs as part of the main cake.

First coat to seal the crumbs

2nd coat. I put the cake in the fridge for about 10minutes after the 1st coat to cool it quickly. The ganache for 2nd coat was almost runny but the cold cake was hardening it quickly.

The brown markings was painted on with melted dark chocolate.