Iggle Piggle Cake

Iggle Piggle Cake

Iggle Piggle Cake

Iggle Piggle is a character in BBC children’s show called ‘In the Night Garden’. The last ‘new’ episode aired in 2011 however abc4kids has been running reruns for a while.

My younger Miss G, loves the show and has taken over her sister’s Iggle Piggle rag doll to sleep with. For her 2nd Birthday, I had originally decided to make a simple butterfly cake, however, after seeing a book – ABC Book of children’s cake, I was inspired to try Iggle Piggle. I did not buy the book. There are numerous Iggle Piggle cakes on the internet. Different shapes, 2D, 3D, flat, sitting up or just cake toppers. I decided on a flat, semi 3D cake, an Iggle Piggle laying on his back.

Cake used is my white chocolate mud cake. The pan is a rectangle non stick 37cm x 26cm (approx 14.5in x 10.2in) roasting pan which I use for my bigger cakes. I searched for an Iggle Piggle image that I liked as template. I downloaded this image from coloring-book. I printed on a larger scale then cut the pieces and added an extra 1cm (approx 0.39in) when cutting the cake.

Iggle Piggle Template

Iggle Piggle Template

I cut out each body part so in the end I had 6 pieces to stick together. I covered the cake in white chocolate ganache and then covered the cake in fondant. Iggle Piggle requires 2 shades of blue for his body, red for his blanket and the three tops on his head, some white for his eyes and a bit of black for his eyes and mouth. Keeping the ganache on without chilling the cake was hard. It feels like we have had constant heat wave since December, 2014.

Iggle Piggle Almost Done

Iggle Piggle Almost Done

Though my toddler loved her Iggle Piggle, there was a look of horror on her face when I cut a piece and gave her, her beloved Iggle Piggle to eat.


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