Review: There’s a Wocket in My Pocket

Book Cover

Book Cover


It sounds weird when you here kids start talking and they mispronounce words. My little Miss 2 calls Milk – nilky. It bugs me when I hear her but I know now that I can’t push her. She will learn the right sound as long as I say the right sound.

There’s a Wocket in Pocket is all about mispronounced words to make then rhyme with a right word. In this context, it’s actually fun. The story is about a little boy who has all sorts of creatures living in his house. There is Nooth Grush on the tooth brush, a ghair beneath the stair, a vug under the rug and a Zillow on his pillow. The little boy finishes the story with “I hope we never leave it” indicating he actually loves his house as is with all the creatures in it.



We received this book as a present from Mom for my 2 year old. She enjoyed hearing about the different creatures and the rhyming style so traditional to Dr Seuss was an attention grabber. Now a days there are so much other than just reading books available for this title. Little ones would enjoy the associated activities as well.


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