Rocket Ship

We have lot’s of toilet paper rolls as would other house holds with children who sit and unravel toilet paper. I have seen craft done with these toilet paper rolls that look very nice. Pen/pencil caddy for one is very common. So one afternoon while Daddy was busy looking after baby G, I had a bit of a craft session with Little M. Baby G is a demanding, needy little baby and I find I have very little time to do these things with Little M so craft time together is always special and cherished.

To begin with, I gave Little M and roll to decorate/ colour however she wants. She has these pens, the felt tip ones that were called texta when my nephews were little. Hers are in the shape of paint brush tip which is easier for her to colour with and the tip does not go back into the pen when she stabs the paper.

So while she was doing that, i was making the thrusters for the rocket ship. She chose pink thrusters.

Cut a strip of craft card paper. I cut one that was 5cm wide but it can be any width.



Next comes the folding bit. So take one corner and fold on itself until it’s flush against the other edge. (like above). Then fold the bottom edge up so the right edge is straight across the bottom of the triangle that was formed by the first fold. (picture below).

Folding paper demo

Folding Paper

From then onwards, just keep folding the paper on itself. They form diagonal folds.



Once the entire length of the strip is folded, cut out the parallelogram pieces. They look like a rectangle with slanty sides. You’ll need 3 of those pieces. Take 2 pieces and tape them together on those slanty sides so they form the letter V. (look at the finished picture below.) Fold them close on the joint. Take the 3rd piece and stick the slanty edge to the folded piece joint. Once done, there will be a pointy center and 3 legs.

Cut 3 slits on one end of the toilet paper roll, evenly spaced and slot each “leg” into the slit. Give the rocket ship a cone head and it’s ready to




Wedding Party


One of little M’s favourite show is Olivia based on acclaimed author Ian Falconer’s titles. In one of the episodes, Olivia’s teacher gets married. Olivia and her friends try to find the perfect gift for her. After little M finished watching it, I told her that her Godma, Aunt Jossie was getting married soon. My little girl decided she wanted to get married too. I told her it can’t be Daddy because he was married to me. With a very forlorn face, she sat down on her stool in the kitchen. She had nobody to get married to. Err… you are only 4 my girl.

To cheer her up, I decided we would have a wedding party. We will have her dressed as a bride, we’ll have cake, food, guests, flowers and a flower girl. All the important bits of a wedding. Groom not necessary 🙂

I baked 4 small loaves of white chocolate mud cake. We had purple fondant left over from her birthday so I cut up the cakes, arranged them in tiers and covered each tier in fondant. A few edible decorations and wooden boy and girl as toppers and the cake was ready.


Made some sandwiches, mixed some Ribena in flutes, gathered her toys and we were ready to party. The flower girl conveniently fell asleep 🙂


Bushy Rabbit Tail

With Easter coming, I had to wreck my brains again of entertaining little M at home. It gets tiring for all 3 of us to go the shops all the time.

This time our project was floppy bunny ears and bushy tails. I printed off the template for the ears then traced them onto colored card the day before and cut the pieces out all ready to assemble for little M.

Floppy Ears


My original idea was for all of us to have a bushy tail but it took a lot longer for me to make 1 tail so the idea was scrapped much to Daddy’s delight. He was not looking forward to hopping around with a tail.

I cut out a disc from a card then cut out a smaller disc from the center. Then I started wrapping yarn around it 3 times. A website I had visited had suggested cutting one side of the disc from the center to make the wrapping easier. It did, then I stuck it together and wrapped yarn over it in the end.

Beginning of a tail


I took a scissors and cut the yarn on the outer edge. They don’t fall off. Once all was cut, I took a piece of yarn and tied it around the center and pulled the card off gently. I needed to trim the tail to make it even but I forgot.





I had decided on pink and purple, little M’s favourite colors. Any size yarn can be used but the thicker it is, the faster it will be.

When I was a little girl, my cousin taught me to make a parrot like this. So just make 2 red pom poms, one smaller than the other and tie them together in the middle. I did not decorate it any further but it can be with any craft material to give it a beak, eyes and wings.


Colour Mixing

I try to think of things to entertain my little pre-schooler while the baby sleeps. She has been complaining to Daddy that she misses Mummy. So one Thursday I decided we were going to do colour mixing. This idea was taken from an episode of Play School.

I made the three primary colours – red, blue and yellow in three bowls and brought out a short glass for us to mix the colours in.


Little M chose the colours to mix while I used a straw to put drops of colours in the short glass. Once we made the colour, I got her to dip a paper towel in it to colour. The easiest to mix was green and the hardest was purple but she enjoyed it.

Coloured Paper Towel