Wedding Party


One of little M’s favourite show is Olivia based on acclaimed author Ian Falconer’s titles. In one of the episodes, Olivia’s teacher gets married. Olivia and her friends try to find the perfect gift for her. After little M finished watching it, I told her that her Godma, Aunt Jossie was getting married soon. My little girl decided she wanted to get married too. I told her it can’t be Daddy because he was married to me. With a very forlorn face, she sat down on her stool in the kitchen. She had nobody to get married to. Err… you are only 4 my girl.

To cheer her up, I decided we would have a wedding party. We will have her dressed as a bride, we’ll have cake, food, guests, flowers and a flower girl. All the important bits of a wedding. Groom not necessary 🙂

I baked 4 small loaves of white chocolate mud cake. We had purple fondant left over from her birthday so I cut up the cakes, arranged them in tiers and covered each tier in fondant. A few edible decorations and wooden boy and girl as toppers and the cake was ready.


Made some sandwiches, mixed some Ribena in flutes, gathered her toys and we were ready to party. The flower girl conveniently fell asleep 🙂